Welcome to our permanent make-up shop!

With us you will find high-quality permanent make-up devices, certified, iron oxide-free permanent make-up colors (Made in Germany), equipment for apparative cosmetics, microblading sets, aids, Microneedling pens, eyelash extension accessories, and daily consumables. To ensure safety and best quality, all products are tested regularly.

With years of experience in permanent make-up, microblading, microneedling and eyelash extensions, we have assembled a range of products that achieve accurate results. Professional permanent make-up devices at the highest level Special gear design with professional hygiene modules, precise lines, high speed, clean pigmentation, luxurious design.



Permanent make-up colors Pigment selection specific for each skin type, certified, dermatologically tested, free from iron oxide (Organic), Made in Germany.

Our colors are distributed worldwide and meet the requirements of Resolution ResAP (2008) on the requirements and criteria for the safety of tattoos and permanent makeup and the German Tattoo Aids Regulation, as well as the European Cosmetics Regulation.